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Carol Gossett

I sooooo want to start journaling like this, but I think I'm kind of worried I'll mess up a page. How do you deal with that, or am I just too neurotic?! I really, really like the style of your journal here. Thanks for sharing!


Laughing yourself silly with a sister - what could be better?


Big guffaws coming from moss cottage this morning. The walls are popping in and out...
I love my scissorhands!
I still remember that lady who tried to cut.
When I went to SF a few weeks ago I thought...how in the world did we EVER ride that scoot car all over the place!!!!
I didn't see any this time.
Too dangerous!

julie macneil

love your journal! i have never made one that small would love to see all the pages!!!!

Pat P

Great little journal. I spy a picture from an Izone camera, I do believe. I'm still sad they stopped making those.

marta traughber

I read both your blogs and it interests me when you refer to each other. It's cool.

Violet Cadburry

Those pesky linde cutting ladies, I wanna grow some scissorhands too when they pop up. Snip, snip, snip, poodle-rama them!


Your journal is WONDERFUL! I love seeing other people's journals and yours is just a little gem. Thanks so much for sharing.



Judy H.

Love the journal! :)

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