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Judy H.

Lovely. Thanks for sharing. :)

Joan Clarke

I had the pleasure of seeing a lovely collection of yellow columbines...I was going to take a picture of them because they were in front of a very ugly convenience store where lottery tickets sold. This lovely flowerbed held Shasta Daisies, yellow eyed Susans and The columbines...why didn't I snap a photo?

Your patient passed on her love of gardening and her special tips for growing such beautiful flowers...a gift to you, a treasure..


" people who are sick and dying have stuff they need to pass on, if I just stop, sit down, and listen.  That is powerful medicine. " this is powerful stuff. Thank you for reminding me to stop, sit down, and listen.


A very special and important message - thank you for reminding me.
That columbine (a favorite flower of mine and I am patiently waiting for them to come into their time here - not before May...) looks much like the wild form that grows here - does it have variegated leaves (cream and green) or is it harbouring one of those bugs that tunnel in the leaves?



Leslie J. Moran

You see, this is what YOU are really good at. Not only do you help yourself, but you truly help others. Wonderful perspective I always share through your eyes and your thoughts. You're so GOOD at it.


I am so glad that you decided to blog. You always lift my spirits and often make me laugh out loud. Yes, sometimes I shed a tear (or 20) and that too is a good thing. Thank you for your honesty and wit. Happy Anniversary, Carol.


You are such a gift to your profession and to those of us out here in the blogosphere.


Powerful indeed!

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