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Joan Clarke

Your friends work is exquisite. I would love to visit her home to see these treasures. No museum rules is a good thing when you're out and about visiting such things.

A while back one of these samplers was brought to Antiques Roadshow...wrought by an 8 year old...magnificent and in fine condition given that it was very old. It's value was in the many thousands of dollars...I would call it priceless! By an 8 year old....Holy Moly!


These samplers are gorgeous! Like you, I started embroidering early on using the stamped linen. In 1969 I began an American flag. Had I not begun with the red and white stripes I would NEVER have finished the project. But with the investment of time I felt obligated to tackle those god-awful STARS-----all 50 of them! Once completed, I felt I had given Betsy Ross a run for her money. Pleased I was. I framed the piece and for the past 43 years it has hung over the threshold of my kitchen. I still like looking at it.

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