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We got a new puppy last year. She is a white ball of fluffy cute. Her given name is Casey, but for some reason, I call her "toon-toon le boom-boom". Does that make me crazy? Probably. Oh well.
Btw, just started "The Murderer's Daughters". Pretty good.

Leslie J. Moran

This is so weird. The other day I was cruising with my BFF and listening to 60's on 6...Sirius Radio. Shimmy Shimmy came on and a huge discussion...it's actually cocoa POP...we each had a different rendition...cereal, cocoa puffs, cocoa bop...American Bandstand. Cocoa Puff is not a good name for Lewis..he'll be traumatized! He's a boy cat...Lewis the Puis (pronounced Pew-is) is much more dignified:) CRAZY!!!


Dear Lianne: toon-toon le boom-boom is EXACTLY the kind of pet name I am talking about. clearly we could be room-mates on the observation ward!


I have been known to stand in the yard and -- clearly without thinking it through-- holler out, "c'mere, Boobs!" when calling my dog, Ruby.

Ruby ---> Rubes ---> Boobs. it makes perfect sense to me, but I'm sure the neighbours think otherwise. :)

(she also gets called Rubilicious, Rubitron, Ruby Dooby & Rubles. just off the top of my head.)


Oh, you don't have room in your comment box for all the nicknames are baby dogs have. Actually, first off is Baby Boy or Baby Girl. For the big one: Big Blue, Buffalo Brewster, Brewbie, Brew Man, Brewskie, and Bubbaliciou. For Sarah: My Petite Cherie (remember the cartoon skunk?), Sarah Jane, Sarah Beth, Sarahbanana, Sarunder, and Twinkletoes.

As my kids rolls their eyes, they mutter, "Get some grandchildren" to which I reply, "ball's in your court!"

Nancy in Fair Oaks (California)

I think this photo would be great for your Christmas card and you could come up with another nickname to go along with the season ~


I am glad to see that no matter if you come from the East coast, the West coast, Canada, the Midwest, or even New Zealand - pet owners the world over are able to admit they are completely goofalicious.


Curiouser and Curiouser time: one of my dear cats is named Wemmick, after a Dickens character. One of my fave nicknames for him is "Wembemaloola, abopbamboo" (also from a classic pop song, but I can't think of it!). If that's not goofy enough, one of my catsitters calls him "Wembuckets", and being a fan of PBS Brit comedies, I've adapted that to "WemBouquet(residence)". Ahem.


This is embarrassing but here goes: when we were small, we had a tortoiseshell cat called Beauty - because she was. Don't know who started it but we three sisters called her Leg-a-boo-boo. (And my little sister called me Chri, to the intense annoyance of my Mum).

Who wouldn't make up names for such a gorgeous creature? Do you say Scooter Magruder through your teeth? I would.


I guess that beats what I normally call the one who decided 4:00 AM is the right time to hairball on the bed!!!

Michele R. Unger

Um....Orcie fa-nor-key? Fatboy? Sausage-yum? How about Oooo deee dooo dee

I rest my case.


Nice to know one is not alone in the business of nicknames for their pets. My favorite for my little dog Ruby is Rhubarballini(sounds like a recipe for a rhubarb cocktail) And I do also admit to making up and singing songs to my critters. It's all just too much fun.


Sticky pot.

That's Wyatt's name.

As in come here my little sticky pot!!!!!

Mamas little stick

Sticky stick

Sticky pot

Judy H.

For our cat Daisy: Kittybits, KittenKaboodle (also Crazy Daisy, Daisy Mae, Daisy Duck, etc....)
For our now-passed-on dogs (Casey & Heidi): Pupcake, Fluffernut...
Mostly I sing the old jingle to all of them: Daisy, Daisy, Doe Daisy, Banana Fana Fo Faisy, Me My Mo Maisy, Daisy!
Looks like we're all suckers for our fuzzy babies. :)

Diane Herrington

YES! Rowdy Anne became Bertina Rowena who became Mama Wood. She was a great cat. We also called her 'dat ol' pussymama!

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