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ok to REALLY savor gjetost...
If you can't slice it really really thin, get a cheese slicer that will shave a very thin slice of it. Have the very thin slices of gjetost at the ready and as soon as the toast comes out of the toaster, put on the gjetost and let it get soft. In Norway we had a thinner bread than in the US so you might want to find some lighter pumpernickel or something like that. It is the MOST marvelous taste treat in the world! Yummmmmmm.... glad you tried it but now you will really love it!

Joan Clarke

Sounds very yummy to me. I'll have to check around here for that brand. So this seems to be a breakfast cheese in Norway? Interesting. Americans don't associate cheese with breakfast unless it's in an omelet or like Brie/croissant..

And how do you pronounce Gjetost? Doesn't the "J" have an "H" sound?


The reason it is so caramelly is that it is actually the carmelizing of the sugars in the whey left over from cheesemaking. It is really not very cheesy (and it doesn't have much protein) but it is just delicious!


Gjetost = YAY-toast. Thanks for the toast suggestion Rhonda. THAT was sublime!


Yes, toasted on very thin crackers is so so good. Used to eat that all the time. Yummy!!

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