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The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, you know you wanted one and you know you really, really had to have it, and good on you, enjoy it , you will get to love more than you will ever know, lol .. Great for the trip to, hmmmm. I have to say mine is now fused to me that no surgery or prying will ever be successful in it's removal . Ok I fess but don't tell.... I have 2 yes 2 that's right...why I can't share that information, secrets would be leaked and that would not be good....lol truely enjoy you know you will

jeanette, mistress of longears

I hate to tell you this, but the Harvey boys have been holding out on Lewis. They did not tell him about the cat game....check it out on one of my Flickr friend's site:
You will be lucky if you can get that iPad away from him so you can ready your email.
I am seriously jealous because I have the oldest iPad....not even a camera in it! Hmmm....Father's Day is coming up. Surely I can work with that.

Diana Giffin

I just read this post and was going to tell you about the cat iPad game that Lewis would love, but Jeanette beat me to it!! Yes, that's my cat in the Flickr link and he is addicted to the game! And MaryAnn should get it for her kitties, too! Get it here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/game-for-cats/id406740405?mt=8 Tell 'em Boo sent ya!

Diana Giffin

Here is another video of Boo really getting after that mouse on the cat game: http://www.flickr.com/photos/naturegrl64/6997115851/in/set-72157622474406666 And here is what happens when you let your cat play on the iPad: http://www.flickr.com/photos/naturegrl64/6835631836/in/set-72157622474406666

Judy H.

You will love it. I don't have one (*sniff*), but everybody I know who does have one is in love with it. :)

Nancy Lynn

I think we got our IPads on the same day. I love love love love mine. So portable, so easy so everything. Enjoy. It's the best piece of electronic equipment I bought besides my IPhone.

Joan Clarke

I love going to the Apple store...the energy, the positive forces at work there, the youngsters who are teachers...superb! They never made me feel like a nutty old lady, we so positive ( I signed up for the one to one classes when I converted from PC/Windows to MAC...I am so glad I "saw the light" as my friend says...then I got the iPhone4s which I love, next will be the iPad when the new one is released some time in Oct. (or so goes the rumor)

I don't believe the Lewis story, no siree Bob! You know you coveted this gadget once Mary Ann started bragging about hers...I hope you take it on your upcoming trip...you can learn to speak Norwegian on it, ya!


Yay! Congratulations, Lewis!

Teresa Dalton

You sisters are so funny. Follow you both via bloglovin. =D


Has he started using Photo Booth yet?

And what about all those games you can download? Our granddaughter loves the one where you make flowers grow in a pot - ever larger and more gorgeous, swaying in a breeze.

Lewis is bound to like that. If not, there's a scary one where a man is being chased by monkeys.

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