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Joan Clarke

I don't know how I'd classify myself. Sometimes I ilke Order, sometimes I live in Chaos...flitting from one interest to another, until something else comes along. I do know one, no two things: I'm a Gemini, so that might confuse the issue, my mate is a Scorpio...they said it would never last...uh, we had our41st anniversary in Jan. He doesn't like change (I've never moved the furniture.) Doesn't like to travel away from his things/stuff...I'm a GoDad nomad. So I guess we're a combo. We ride in my car, I drive. I don't like his driving or his truck...so what do we classify ourselves? Chaorders? This may be beyond my mental focus at present. Hep me Rhonda!


I am afraid to look. I fear I am an Oscar.

He's the one in the trash can, right?


Who's Rhonda?


And I always thought it was the Fuzzies vs. the Techies!


What happens when 2 chaos muppets go to Norway together?
Will they find Rhonda?

Leslie J. Moran

Me wanna cookie! Cookie, Cookie, Cookie....do you realize that is what my father wanted to call me??? Cookie! Very Blue here!


Such a clever article. I have a nervous feeling that I'm an Order Muppet (I know where every single one of my 1500(alphabetically ordered) books can be found in seconds. I try hard to add a bit of chaos to the proceedings. Seems more fun.

LOVE that photo!


Rhonda will be waiting for them at the airport in Bergen with cookies.

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Judy H.

Ha! I am probably an order Muppet who very occasionally dabbles in chaos... :D

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