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I see a bit of Matisse in there as well. He is the one that did Spray of Leaves, and Panel of Masks, right?

Joan Clarke

Doodle Schmoodle...it's all done with the same sense of freedom and fun that we had as kids, I hope you never lose that sense of fun of a third grader. My teacher was Mrs. Weber, she taught us Spanish and we studied the Hopi Indians...I loved her. I'll soon be 73 and still have the mind of a student... I'll never stop learning!

jeanette, mistress of longears

Picaso would be proud!s

jeanette, mistress of longears

picasso - sorry about the typo!

Judy H.

Fabulous doodles! :D


Love seeing your doodles!!!! Seems to me you're enjoying your iPad tremendously!!!

julie macneil

doodles?!?!? i call that art! wonderful!!!!!


An expert in these matters would find your doodles very revealing! My doodles (unconcious ones while on the phone) always seem to begin with a bobble which grows.

We had Miss Oldham when I was small. She terrified us but everyone in our little London school cried when she left to retire. So we must have loved her.

Leslie J. Moran

Now I'm really going to have to borrow the Professor's iPad. I want it for DrawSomething and other artsy stuff, but he's reluctant to give it up of an evening!

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