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Nancy Lynn

Oh my gosh....what options you have. They all sound wonderful. Can't wait to hear all about it.

Diana Giffin

I hope you have time to do all those things! What a great place to visit. I eagerly wait for Mary Ann's posts each day and now I'm eager to see yours on this trip, too. And of course, your journals!


Yes, yes lots of sleep to re- energize going to need it with all the plans , now we have double the fun. Looking forward to it all, thanks for sharing to both you ladies. Enjoy, enjoy is all I can say.

Violet Cadburry

Glad to hear you arrived safely. I recommend doing all of the above as soon as possible. Sailing is da bomb.


you moss girls are good traveling companions and great fun. thanks for taking us along.

Leslie J. Moran

How very exciting! This is such a unique trip. Can't wait to see it all.

nancy (covey member)

it's cold and you're drinking beer....not familiar with what it feels like to be cold anymore... and not so familiar with you drinking beer-but I'm good with both. Don't forget your obligation to your Kansas fans to blog in great detail and at length. My guess is, like the shuttle guy, none of us have been to Norway either!


Not that I have a say, but I vote for the wildlife safari. You only live once.

Joan Clarke

I would love to be away from the inferno that my high desert intermountain location gets every single summer of the 34 years I've lived here...today it was 109F...UGH

Every one of your plans sounds wonderful...I've not been to Norway or anywhere in Europe...just the cool weather would be a wonderful experience in the summer.

Thanks for sharing all you do with us...love the food pix and hearing what all you're eating and drinking...Skol! Is that toast common to all Scandinavia? I know my Danish grandmother in law used to say that...

Leslie Gardiner

Carol, I am really enjoying your experience of Norway! Your pictures are gorgeous. Thanks for letting us go along. Leslie


Be prepared for fish in ways you never even thought of before....fishballs in white or clearish sauces with tiny shrimp and dill, fish pudding (more like a loaf), tiny shrimp in open face sandwiches. Experience as many fishy delights as you can. It is part of the Norway experience.

Judy H.

Boats, bikes, views and soup all look fabulous!

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