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Joan Clarke

In the second food photo, Falafal, dolmas (grape leaves) and what's the mashed potato looking stuff? Hummus? Last photo: Cukes in a sauce atop what? Tzaziki? Something with dill? We need names.

I'm watching Nik Walenda attempting to cross the Niagra Falls gorge...it's making me dizzy/vertigo.

Judy H.

Haven't tried this restaurant yet, but will now. :)


Oh that looks scrumptious!! I really need to take a road trip!!

Speaking of Little Egypt -- that was the movie (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0043748/) my parents went to right before I was born. I was supposed to have been named Stephanie but when my mom saw Rhonda Fleming in that movie she decided I should be named Rhonda and there you have it! The fact that I had red hair too was totally coincidental!


Oh piddle... the link above caught the ) -- here is the link to Little Egypt:

see if THAT one works!


Seriously delicious looking!!! Have you been researching the foods for your upcoming trip with your sister??? And... do you have a travel journal ready or is Sister making one for you????

julie macneil

you have the coolest places to eat!!!!


Please don't even mention Zancou chicken.....how can LA have it and not SF? You are going to set me off on a long road trip down Highway 5....

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