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Leslie J. Moran

Not only are they cute kitties, but the doodles are pretty funky too! Happy B'Day L&C. Always your special day. How lucky you were to find such a neat family.

Diana Giffin

I didn't realize you had a Lewis and a Clark! What cool names and what incredibly cute kittens. Sorry it's just Lewis now, though. Love the doodles!

Nancy in Fair Oaks (California)

I agree with you...they are the cutest cats is the world!


Happy birthday Lewis!

Judy H.

Sweet kitties! Happy Bday, Lewis!

Chris Oliveira

Aw! Happy birthday to Lewis, and to Clark too although only alive in spirit.


Happy Birthday to Lewis...and to Clark, too...you know he is still around you. I hope Lewis had all his kitty dreams come true for his birthday! Our Sunny Cat sends her best wishes, too.

Violet Cadburry

Happy B Day Lewis -- he really needs to find his Sacagawea --maybe you could post a personal ad for him on Footloose&Feline.com. I had two boy kittens, Jake and Elwood, but Woody was eaten by a dastardly coyote. Jake is still doing fine. Can't wait to see your posts from Norway! They have some fine looking cats;)

Joan Clarke

I have to disagree, we can just agree to disagree on this issue, because I have the cutest cat in the world...just ask her. Her name is Mikasa, but we call her Little Bit (Itta Bit for short) She a silver Black spotted Bengal...I'd include her Pix but you've already seen it.

Happy birthday to your cute cat(s)...Lewis is there in spirit watching over his brudder, Lewis...I do think Lewis needs a companion , don't you?


I believe the cutest cat is the one that is directly in front of you at any given moment, and since these two little rascals are in front of me right now I concure: They are the cutest.

May this birthday bring you plenty saucers of milk.


Two lots of twins in your family! Yes, they are perfect.

Thirteen years ago, someone was wearing some very snazzy shoes.

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