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I'm afraid to guess further, and give away my city slicker roots.

Joan Clarke

Oh yeah, not only are those bales HUGE, they're pickery ! I can just see you all trying to get a hold of something to pull yourselves up...uh, nothing to hold on to. They have to use a big piece of equipment to move those babies....

Judy H.

Yep, those round bales are HUGE! :D

Carol Gossett

I lived in North Dakota for a few years, and there was a name for those that I can't recall. Anyone?

Mary Lou

On my Dad's farm they line those bales up side by side and in rows to save for winter feeding and we would jump from bale to bale. My kids would play for hours on them!


Hey Mary Lou! Can I come over to your dad's farm so your kids can give me a bale climbing lesson? We will need an ambulance on stand-by - I will arrange for that.

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