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Diana Giffin

At first glance I thought the kayakers were you two, and some kindly Norwegian had taken your photo! Love the third photo with the roof, the yellow and white wildflowers and grasses and the bit of the sea. It's fun armchair traveling with you girls.

Leslie J. Moran

A most excellent day.


You mean you weren't kidding about the sandals?

I bow down to the awesomeness that is you.

Lisa Hoffman

Brave 7 enthusiastic travelin' women with sketchbooks.
nothing better.

Lisa Hoffman

in the last comment, that 7 should be one of these: &


I love that you just let the day take you where it may. Too much planning destroys adventure.

Susie LaFond

loving the view from you side of the table...so sweet to read your musings and then flip round to see what that sis of your s posted...double the pleasure and double the fun...two sisters are so much better than one. ;)


On account of your full agenda, and their full kayaks. What cute toes you have! Love the tableclothe inspired flower sketch, trés jolie.

Barbara Tarbox

dear sisters in travel. I live on an island in the Pacific Northwest. am snug in my bed
Reading your blogs listening to fog horns on ships passing in the fog. It brings
You both up close and personal. Later will take in "big gulps of sea air".
Isn't technology wonderful to bring us all so close together...enjoy Norway and your
Time together.

Nancy Lynn

Lovely I say just lovely pictures. Oh boy it's double the fun now.


I'm anxious to see your journal from Norway

Judy H.

Love the flowers in containers and your flower pic (and the scenery ain't bad either!). :)

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