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You know he missed taking a nap with you just as much. I loved all the photos from Norway (especially the fjords!) but these just melt my heart. =)


Beautiful photos. His face is like a baby's in that top right pic.

Best thing about cats (well, one of them) is their adorable little chins.


Love that photo of his face. I have dogs but I miss cats. Thanks for sharing yours.

Leslie J. Moran

Oh Lewis, Lewis, Lewis.....


He dose look pretty cuddlesome.



I swear I'm not doing this on purpose.

Chris Oliveira

I want to kiss him right on the nose! Nice to return home after a magical journey!

Judy H.

Just got back from a week's vacation myself (Wyoming) and my kitty hasn't let me out of her sight yet. Love those cuddles. :)

Joan Clarke

My kitty loves to lay on the warm folded clothes as I make piles of them as I fold. She wants to be in the midst of whatever I'm doing...this doesn't bode well for either of us when I'm involved in painting watercolors...last time she walked right thru my palette, jumped off my desk to the floor...I have different colored paw prints on the carpet now!


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