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Carol Gossett

Aren't cats the most beautiful creatures? Exquisite!


Always good to be protected by a dedicated watchcat! Fabulous photo. =)

Joan Clarke

Lovely! I can't think of anything more elegant than the cat.


He's obviously on the look-out for Mary Ann.

I hope you have a lovely family time together. In the heat. With ice.


With two big dogs and no cats, my fingers just itch to stroke yours. Such an elegant kitty, and such a good photo.
I hope that you have managed to save enough ice for Mary Ann's posted plan. Something about a bath tub, I think.

Judy H.

Pretty kitty! :)

Leslie J. Moran

I can definitely see the resemblance in your "focused" look. Lewis has learned from a master! Now if only he could cook too! :)


He kind of makes one think twice about "visiting" unannounced, doesn't he?


Not trying to suck up but, he is a handsome fellow.

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