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so sorry to be leaving so soon....you may not have met me yet....i'm barbara, and i have been traveling with you and mary ann on this wonderful adventure. thanks for the great posts and accompanying photos. i love your purchases. looking forward to your next trip already.


My heart aches reading this post, how can i miss somewhere I've never been? Thanks for taking me along.

Nancy Lynn

Thanks for all your posts....Norway looked beautiful. Thanks for taking us along.

Susie LaFond

the colors are pure bits of heaven, plucked and tended from an amazing place...love and adore each and every photo. Beautiful!

Barbara Tarbox

wait it's over? It can't be...I just took gulps of sea air and sips of fine coffee and mouthfuls of pastry. The ferry and winding alleys, the roofs tops even glisten and
Jump with color, candles glowing, gorgeous paper and pens at the ready. I was just getting comfortable.
thank you both so much for the exquisite detail and incite, so lively.

Kim A.

Thank you for sharing your adventure. I've enjoyed it immensely!

Judy H.

Oooh, the colors! Love!

Leslie Gardiner

I can't believe this is your last day! It's gone too fast. Thank you, Carol, for sharing all your experiences with your fans! Leslie


1. Love the graphics on the cards, and that wrapping paper... oooh.
2. Is there really a grandmother training school? I think that is divine.
3. What a great place to journal (picture #3).
4. I never tired of those views.
5. Your sandals are still cracking me up.
6. Such charming villages (?).
7. Now I have window envy.

Welcome home, my friend.

Joan Clarke

I can't believe this adventure is over with already!!!! Seems like you spent more time in Budapest...was that a figment of my imagination? The photos are all wonderful. Love the bring home gifts for yourselves.


Perhaps when you return at 70 and 74 I'll have retired to the side of the Hardanger fjord. I'll direct you to take the train from Bergen to Voss, then the bus to the ferry that crosses the fjord. Sure beats these hot, Arizona summers...

Leslie J. Moran

What an exceptional opportunity and place to lead a life that is not your own. We are all very fortunate that you have these splendid adventures and share them so exquisitely with us. The sights, the sounds, the smells, the tastes...all...totally wonderful. We also love the life that IS yours and look forward to your return. Safe home.


Sooo loved your and your sister's journey recordings. The photos are great. It of course makes me want to follow. Question: did the cool, rainy weather at all hinder you or dampen your spirits? When I suggested a trip to Norway, my enthusiasm was met with concerns about the grey, damp weather. thanks.


Thanks for sharing your lovely adventures! I can't believe it is over so soon. I don't remember if you said, but how did you and your sister choose that little corner of the earth to visit this time?

jeanette, mistress of longears

Your trip has been a painter's paradise! Sad to see it end....

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