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Vicki in Michigan

Another set of great shots. Love the way you've isolated color -- the delphiniums with the traffic sign (swoon).....

Jane Bumar

Having a hard time deciding if my fave was the bowls, the pink scooter, or the bike. I think I'll take them all, please! Loving your posts.


Amazing pictures. I like how your pictures show how people live. Are those sinks filled with flowers on the house? Lovely.


First picture caption "roof tops fill the valley like an ancient glacier" . . . (that may be over the top.)
And that is a little Rach, marching to her own fashion drum.


Love the blue flowers! My favorite and hard to find. I am so enjoying your pictures. Happy 4th of July.

Violet Cadburry

So there are people there, glad you found some. Great shots. Still waiting for shot of the two wild and crazy sisters doing the polar bear plunge in a fjord.

Jan McCann

Mr Cat peeking round the corner has to be my fave!

Judy H.

Two thumbs up for the bowls and Delphiniums! Loving all the pix!


I would love a porch like the one in the last photo... love! I have a short haired black Tom cat here and he's always looking for trouble as well; only problem... he finds it. Had to change his name from Bale to Neo, not that he answers to either, but you know.

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