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Violet Cadburry

Mr. Tucker sounds like a sour old dried-up lime with no juice left to flavor even a drop of vodka. Betcha you called him Mr. F****r.

jeanette, mistress of longears

Laconic? Wow, that Mary Ann really knows her vocabulary! Some day, I will tell you the story of how I never had to write for talking in class, but it caught up with me one day in high school. And I though I'd perfected the angelic innocent look...


Oh that Violet Cadburry gets it right once more! Can't stop laughing at her comment. In fourth grade, Catholic girls boarding school, I had to write the 10 commandments 50 times over the weekend. I cannot for the life of me remember which commandment I broke at age 10, but I did!! Those life lessons stick with you forever.


If memory serves, I had to do "I will not talk in class. I will not talk in class..."! Nowadays, for the Moss sisters, it's "I was talking, then I was travelling, now I'm writing in my blog, writing in my journal" and we are reading, reading, loving!


Hi,old bird. Sometimes I like to be quiet;just think my thoughts and do some listening. Sometimes,though,I can lay a real talking on ya'. Just keep on being your own wise self. Those lessons were hard learned and should be put to use.

Nancy in Fair Oaks (California)

I too was a talker in grammar school and consequently had my seat changed frequently. But in the end I just made more friends and didn't learn my lesson like you because I still have to practice self-control when it comes to being a chatter-box (as many of the nuns called me)~


I always had "talks too much" in the comments on every report card in grade school. My first grade teacher, Mrs. Bundy would move me when I got caught talking. Pretty sure my desk occupied every square inch of that classroom throughout the year! BTW it's my husband that tells me I never talk now. Role reversal I know!

Susie LaFond

OMG yes...sounds like me way back in grade school. I was smiling as I read this and smiled even bigger at the end.

Joan Clarke

The comments by my grade school teachers went like this: Needs to speak up louder when called on...very shy and hesitant to participate. HA! They should see me now...I have a tendency to talk too much, sometime quite loudly, laugh a lot, have no problem with shyness, never meet a stranger. I don't know what happened after I got out of high school...shyness, quietness took off and never returned.


My 7th grade science teacher criticized me in front of the whole class because I used the whole sheet of paper for my note taking. I wrote in the margins. Said I was cheap. Couldn't I afford paper. To this day I hear his voice if I try to use every bit of something. He should see my artroom today! I keep almost every scrap of fabric and paper thanks to your sister's Remains of the Day class. She gives me permission!


Ah, yes, the not talking thing. My sister-in-law, my travel buddy, goes quiet on me. For days, Hardly says a word. I understand. She lives alone and is not used to talking to people all the time. I, however, live with her brother (who also doesn't talk much!) and I like to be able to chat when I travel. It can be a problem. But mostly it isn't.

And then, just when she begins to want to gab, I go quiet. Never fails!


Violet! How DID you know???? were you in Panama in the mid 1970's? Maybe Mr. Tucker transferred to your school when he left mine?


Oh my gosh! I love this collage of you...LOVE!

This is just what I needed for today, thank you.

I shall spend the rest of the summer smiling away.


Picture #8 of you is my favorite! Although they're all pretty great.

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