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Lisa Hoffman

I just got back from Rebecca's Blog (thanks to YOU) and OH...MY...GOD.I'm not a textile person but WHO CARES!!???

What a heady, juicy, amazing trip. I linked over to her studio VIDEO and saw the interview. THAT DID IT.
I'm now a fan, 100%. Brooklyn. Figures.
I can see why you considered a class. You should DO it. Monthly-Schmunthly. DO IT!...then show me all your work every step of the way. I'll be right over.....

Violet Cadburry

I can't investigate her blog until I finish my sweater, and my nine felt ornaments, and 5 FTB journals....and, not until I get that damn Zentangle beginner kit. Every time I try to order it my credit card just farts at me. ARRGhghghg!!!


dang, i thought i was on her email list! must go figure out why i did not get said email, must see video you mention.

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