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Oh I am so glad you saw that movie! Wasn't it sweet? Loved it!

Leslie J. Moran

Glad you enjoyed it too. All I have to do is look at Bill Murray and I can't help but smile. When he appears out from under the stairs dressed in p.j. bottoms, wielding an ax and a bottle of whiskey to go find a tree to cut down, I was just howling! Harkens back to days I remember ....summers of board games.


I'm a friend of MaryAnn's and come here to see what's cooking in KS...I LOVED Moonrise Kingdom...thought it was so well done and just wonderful. Saw Beasts of the Southern Wild last night and loved it too in a very different way. Very different but equally as magic in a quirky kinda way...


Another film by the same director, not quite so lovely as Moonrise Kingdom, but quirky and funny was "The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou", also with Bill Murray.


YES!!! moonrise kingdom was magical in the way it allows you to revert to childhood and also enjoy the adulthood and its complications.
i just loved the music and immediately downloaded it to my iPod. it just feels good to be able to listen and visualize the quirky, funny scenes in moonrise kingdom.


p.s. chris did the perfect review!!!

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