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WOW! aMAZing! Thank you for sharing your beautiful Kansas sky!

Dottie Moss

Ahhhh Kansas, I miss you.

jeanette, mistress of longears

Wow! If you painted these it would look so fake!





Barbara Tarbox

Lovely, very reminiscent of Winslow Homer. He was a Massachusettes, New England
Painter but his clouds were always a prominent part of the painting
Clouds set a mood, perhaps you could dabble in painting clouds. give it a go, B.


The clouds were amazing the other night weren't they? Now if they could just come together for about 2 straight weeks and drop some of that life-water they are being so stingy about holding onto!

julie macneil

i love clouds and have been wanting to do sunsets too! beautiful!

jacki long

What a great post! I so look forward to what you choose to focus on each day. Thank YOU!


Fabulous photography, Carol. The last one looks like a painting by an Old Master!

We have a lot of shooting stars expected in the skies over France this evening. What could be more magical?

Nancy in Fair Oaks (California)

When I was little I spent some of my summers with my grandparents on their farm in a little town called Woodbine, Iowa. Being from a city in upstate New York I thought I was visiting another planet and have many memories of those fun days and the clouds (like yours) are one of them. Thanks for posting such gorgeous photos and bringing me back to that "planet" in Iowa ~


That sky looks positively biblical. Moses is about to appear for sure. Amazing!

Jan McCann


Joan Clarke

Do you know there's a website for Cloud photos? This would be a perfect addition to that website. Fabulous photos.

We've been having clouds every day for over a week here in the Mojave desert...much needed rain just fell...we're in a 12 year drought. Clouds are a rarity here so when we get them I'm always looking up...love them.

Judy H.


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