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It's beautiful! You just might get me to try knitting again. My grandfather tried to teach me but said I was a hopeless case! LOL

Carol Gossett

Beautiful! How satisfying that must be to be able to make something so wonderful!


Oh Carol, I have said it befor and I'll say it again, you work is beautiful, but this time you have out done yourself. The color is perfect , my favorite ,would not look anywhere near as perfect as it is in any other color...lol. Thank you for sharing .


Wonderful colors. Is it still too warm for scarves there? I would have a hard time waiting to wear it.


I love your color choice. It matches perfectly with the green jacket. In case you are looking for another quick project (and don't mind snakes), here's one I came across on purlbee.com. I'm going to make one, and wear it as a scarf. Silly me!


Nancy Lynn

Oh I love veggies and I really love this scarf too. It is just beautiful.


I love the purl bee! And I know a couple of boys who might think its fun to try and trick their mom with a snake. Good idea.

jeanette, mistress of longears

Sheer perfection! Really a WOW pattern...where do you get your kitting instruction? Yarn Barn? I'm going to have to learn about life lines...they sound like a good thing.

Judy H.

Oooooh, this scarf is gorgeous!

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