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Joan Clarke

I lurve outsider art. I fell in love with it about the same time I learned about the dadaists. Mail Art, visual journals followed.

Too bad I didn't know you wanted to draw ants...I could have sent you about 7 bazillion to the 10th power of the little evil critters whose ant farm my house sits upon. I have been plagued by armies of the beasties for weeks on end...cover the top of my black glass top stove, can't see them until I fire up the burner! EEK! Instant grilled ants. My dog left her bone in my art room...a trail of several battalions line the baseboard in the hallway, made a right turn into my art room where the bone lay upon a bone white carpet. The bone was solid black with ants. I shrieked at the top of my lungs for my husband to get this bone removed from the house. I quickly got the upright vacuum and sucked the ants to a very dusty death by suction into the dirt bag of said vacuum. UGH!

marta traughber

gotta get that!

Susie LaFond

I'm think she is gonna love it, Carol, being the awesome, cool, sister you are. :)

Judy H.

Love it. :)

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