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Caroline Berk

Well, you know, thing-a ma-jiggies take special training and it is not available just anywhere so she had to be careful. I know you understood.

Joan Clarke

Oh, yes...I have called things by that name, along with a list of others...:
Do-hicky, Whatchmacallit, Do-dah, dilly whopper, you get the drift...I wouldn't trust me with anything I couldn't call by it's proper name.

I love the things in that store...


My first lovely laugh of the day (it's 9am here) gave me such pleasure reading your blog.
I can just imagine you in our little gallery, picking up each pot (very carefully of course), trying the lids for fit (perfect!) and asking lots of intelligent questions about the processes of throwing, glazing and firing.
'Carol, that sausage maker there is a pug mill,' I hear myself saying.
We love it when our visitors show genuine interest. I long to tell them not to whisper. No danger of that with you and Mary Ann, I bet!


That store looks very, very interesting, now tell me did you walk out of there empty handed, I hope not, some of the cards on that stand would be coming home with me. Isn't it great when they let you touch and look, look and touch and play

Leslie J. Moran

I was wondering about that bottle of matches! :)

sara jean

What a wonderful shop! Now I want to move to Kansas...

Judy H.

Wonderful store. :)

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