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Nancy from Fair Oaks, California

I used to set a deadline to finish an art project then one day I thought "wait a minute, no one is grading this" and it's been fun ever since.

Joan Clarke

No deadlines necessary. It's the journey not the destination, remember? The process rather than the product. Getting into "the zone" is so freeing, transporting via the train to memory that makes it so.

Erika N

How very true and so very wise of you to write that. I think our whole society is so goal/finish ridden that we have to work at being more natural and therefore, more human.
Man that is way too deep for me in the morning-LOL

Vicki in Michigan

So true. One of the advantages to having a day job is that our art work can be play, rather than real work, where one has to meet deadlines, and make things that please others rather than just pleasing ourselves, and all that other work vs. play stuff.....

jeanette, mistress of longears

This insight is nothing short of brilliant!


"Wait! No one is grading this." = priceless revelation. Love it.

Loretta Marvel

Yes, I have to fight the same feeling: is this done? Is this good? Can I post pics of this online?

I must have felt your good juju cause I was on the porch cutting and pasting by candlelight, too!


You unearthed the reason to make a travel journal - to luxuriate in the memories and the pleasure of making the journal. Cutting and pasting and writing are very relaxing activities that free your mind from the toils of the day. Good for you!

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