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Joan Clarke

I'm amazed by the number of neato places you have to visit smack dab in the middle of the country! Way more interesting than the cheesy, plastic, glitz/glamour of Las Vegas. We have no historic areas, no historical bldgs., everything beyond The Strip looks the same...every subdivision is cookie cutter, tick tacky...no "neighborhoods". Ugh!

jeanette, mistress of longears

I'm so excited you made it to Fervere! And that's one fab photo of their bag! Orchard is my favorite, too.

Leslie J. Moran

So that's what orchard bread is! Think I'll do something with peaches this week.


And since I am so far away he in the hot east coast, all I can say is yes--he does look like the man in "Hats for Sale.". Otherwise I might go crazy looking at that wonderful bread!!


I discovered your blog through your sister's cool site and what a happy surprise it's been! I have some really nice memories of my college life there a million years ago and it's so fun to see it again now that I live far away. Love that town, love your posts! Art, Food, Books....awesome~

jacki long

Thanks again for the best blogs! I so enjoy your style, your selection of photos and phrases. You provide a treat for me, daily. Thanks Carol.




We frequent a place called Bread and Honey about thirty minutes from our place. The two gal that run it are fantastic. We live in the land of bland (although there is no reason for that situation) and their creations never disappoint. The breads they make fly out the door.

I too have found my way to your blog via link love from your sister. Now it is hard to decide which one I favour over the other.

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