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Joan Clarke

OMG...That Umaro throw...in fact, anything Brooklyn Tweed designs is over the moon, maybe even over Saturn! That man is something else. Have you been to his blog...feast your eyes...drool, drool.

The group I used to knit with before the shop closed (thanks to the rotten economy) had a teacher who was the ultimate knitting detective. I could stew and fret over something I was ready to rip to shreds, but put aside until I could let her look at it...Boom, within 2 minutes she'd found the mistake and set me back on the right track. Knitting detectives are great to have nearby.


All that before breakfast!
I'm inspired to use the very last of the strawberries in a cake - cooked strawberries, a first round here.

I've missed commenting on a couple of your blogs but I've caught up and everything looks brilliant. That dear little scarf! And OH that drawing of yellow flowers in a glass bottle! just my sort of thing.

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