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julie macneil

looks soooo good! i would love a piece right now! maybe with some ice cream instead of the coffee!


You evoked such a visual recollection here that I can SEE all the players! Wonderful post, Carol. Come visit me in California and I will try my hardest to make good memories for you to think about 30 years down the road...

Joan Clarke

Just what you'd see and hear if you stopped by my grands "place"...everybodys home was called a place down south. My grands were from TN & KY...my grandma made the best peach cobbler I ever tasted! She'd most likely say, come on in and sit a spell...always in her apron with safety pins pinned to the loop that went over her head...especially on" warsh" day.


I'd like a 'swaller' of coffee and a slab o'that pretty pie, please. To go.


Mmm mmm, that looks like all kinds of good! I have both peaches and blueberries in the fridge. Maybe...


Carol, you serve up a good pie and a great story. Some good old farm fresh King Island cream, like no other tasted in the world. King Island in Tasmania, Australia. that is..if you ever get your self out there even just for the cream, you'll never ever ever ever forget it.

Pam Michael

Carol, I can always count on you to bring a smile to my heart. You are so great at writing and story telling. I always look forward to reading your blog. Thanks for the smile.

Leslie J. Moran

And the "orchard" theme continues! I need that recipe!
I think we could have some screen play going here, what with Louisiana and Sister floating in boats...hmmmm. The same mood as Moonrise Kingdom. Wes Anderson would surely want to direct!


My back roads story would take place in a small crossroads in Delaware. Thanks for the memory. The pie looks so yummy. Recipe, please!


Well, my Dad was born in London and probably never tasted peach pie but he appreciated classic American literature and would have read about and imagined such a feast. (I think there's peach pie in Farmer Boy).

Especially nice if he could have shared it with a Moss girl!

Ally Nielsen

I really like your food photos.
I could eat every bite of that pie!

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