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Joan Clarke

I don't get it: How do they hold the photos in place? Are they magnets disguised as buttons? Is there metal inside the fabric covering the wall of the cubicle? "splain please. How are these made? Polymer clay? Scratching my head as to how these work.


I was wondering the same thing - really cool, but can't quite figure them out.


I love it when the imagination takes over and discoveries are make, nothing stoping you. Love your bittons, they are fun and do put a smile on my face. But that massage I have to say it needs to be a big huge bill board on every corner of every town. Life is st short for anything eals....do you mind if I copy it in my journal? Thanks for sharing it. I love positive affirmations .......I heard a good one the other day. ( it's nice to be important BUT it's important to be nice) I thought I'd share....


Oop sorry spelling mistakes but you get it. The text is to small on the iPad and it would help to put on my glasses...lol


These are buttons with pins on the back and instead of fastening them to my shirt or jacket I slipped the pin into the thin fabric covering the wall of my cubicle. Magic!

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