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Joan Clarke

Is the ladybug on the leaf right under the rose? I even enlarged the photo and still had trouble finding it. It doesn't look red enough to be a Yady Bug. Not a typo, that's how my son pronounced Lady Bug when he was little.


jacki long

I still don't see it? Clues?


Oh - there she is! She's green. Had us fooled.


This is a good where's waldo post. Thanks Chrissy for pointing it out. I think it looks like a worm though. Or, are lady bugs that large in Kansas? This may be the first time I have commented here although I read regularly (I mean stalk..LOL). Just wanted to tell you Carol, that I love your blog!

Chris Oliveira

This summer, I have had bugs that look like lady bugs but are more yellow. It appears your "lady bug" could be one. Watch out! They annihilated my green bean plants. Had hundreds of little yellow babies that ate all the leaves. I picked them off by hand, but they returned at the beginning of September, and I had to pull all my plants. YUCK. Hope that's not what you have.

Caroline Berk

Your photo occasioned some research and now I know many times more about ladybugs than I did earlier this morning. Isn't it funny how the internet works that way?

Barbara Tarbox

have spent last 20minutes on everything ladybugs! what an enchanted hunt you
Set us on. I am supposed to be painting chairs, oops now my chair has a green
Ladybug on the seat and I am keeping it.

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