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Joan Clarke

9 more CD's to go? And to linger with characters you don't like...I think I'd give this book the wall banger treatment...how would one do that with an audio book?
Just send it back to the library. Life's too short to spend on bad books, stories we don't like, characters we don't like...move on to the next one on the list.

The papers are yummy...looks good enough to eat!

Caroline Berk

I liked or disliked first one and then the other. Still, I couldn't just leave them with everything unsettled. I found the ending strangely satisfying, but it only comes after many twists and turns. Hang in there.


Loving that journal, boy those papers are just gorgeous , don't you think...lol oh yes you do ! You bought them. . I've got one of those books sitting on my dresser, been the for what seems like ever with only 3 chapters read, hate the main character or the author , not sure !.....loving that journal Carol. Did I say that already.thank you for sharing.

Lisa Hoffman

I totally agree with Caroline....I hung in and then HAD to find out how it ended. I now realize that I don't have to like the characters in a book to appreciate the book. I heard that Reese Witherspoon bought the rights and will play AMY. I can see that. I THINK.....
oh, and Dashing Journal-Play my friend!

Susie LaFond

Hi Sweet Carol, just popping in on this delightful midwest fall day (MN) the kind of day I wish for when it's so hot and sticky that it's impossible to do more than just sit and sip lemonade...your journal pages are awesome. So nice to see your pages and your sister's too. You are my visual journal bookends; holding things nicely together. Kind of like being in the middle of a gentle but sustaining hug. I say push Nick in the river, after all he is resurrect himself clear across the country as someone else cracks the book open. You've got nothing to loose. I tried Gone Girl but I just couldn't do it. I'm completely enjoying this book Field Guide To Now by Christina Rosalie. A creative memoir of musings and thoughts with little snippets of artwork tossed in for good measure. Highly recommend even tho you didn't ask. ;) It's been hard to put down. The kind of book you can read, knowing it will pull at your heart and that life rolls on moment by moment. I think you'd enjoy it. Enjoy the day with a big wide open heart. I know you will.


Both characters will ultimately annoy the crap out of you. Promise! Very unlikeable people and almost made me put the book down several times. Bu, I had to see how the train wreck would end.

Diane Herrington

The book was good but you are so right. I can't stand Nick or his wife. Love to see what you think about the ending.

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