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julie macneil

love the shoes!!!!!


Love the shoes in the back!
When the exhibit was in Des Moines,IA, you received a boarding pass with the name of an actual passenger on the Titanic as you started the tour. At the end of the tour you found out if you survived or perished at sea. I fortunately survived.

Joan Clarke

I learned about some of the finer points of the Titanic from the excellent documentary that James Cameron (producer/director of movie)...when they went to the wreck site and the reverence and respect they showed for all the artifacts and the homage and respect for the people who went down with the ship, stating that this was a tomb aside from being a wreck. There was another documentary on PBS, I believe, that really gave some unknown facts about the race between shipping lines, how a full run of errors created the "perfect storm" for this tragedy. Very well done and haunting.

I have to wonder how people walk in those skyscraper shoes!


Great shoes ... and the toe polish isn't bad either!!!

Caroline Berk

Oh to be young again and wear those blue shoes! I can to the polish, but oh those shoes!!

Judy H.

We saw the Titanic exhibit, and had the same reaction that you did. It was okay, there were some interesting things, but not worth the price to get in. I also thought the lighting was too low (even for atmosphere). The Boarding Pass was an interesting touch...and touching, since my daughter's and my passengers lived, but our spouses' didn't.


I was shocked when I found at the end of the tour (we saw the exhibition in Falmouth, Cornwall, England) that my member of the crew was a coward and saved himself first. The shame of it!

Maybe your exhibition was a bit different but I loved all the artefacts: the Captain's teddy was there and the Titanic's glamourous tableware. But I like all that stuff.


Those shoes -- and that polish -- steal the show!

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