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Joan Clarke

The Japanese Maple is so beautiful...did you plant it? The colors are incredible. There are not enough words in the universe to describe how much I love Fall, October is my favorite month, pumpkins make me smile, rustling leaves on my sycamore tree seem to be telling me that it's going to be much cooler soon. I love fleece jackets, wearing my slide in shoes with my wild socks. Lining the entry walk with pumpkins, fires in the fireplace, hot spicy tea...the smell of cinnamon....the best season of the year is here. Yea!

Jane Bumar

Those zinnias look stunning! Are you going to do a watercolor of them? I think that would be super; just sayin' ;-) By the way, I read your blog all the time just usually from my iPhone so I don't comment that much because its hard to do that on a phone. But, I'm reading, and enjoying - thank you for doing your beautiful blog!


My present complaint is about something I never knew in my home country (though they must exist somewhere there): the harvest mite. The discomfort they cause, creeping into warm crevices of the body is excruciating (I know, on the scale of things I shouldn't complain) and their bites last about 10 days. No one here walks on grass without socks and shoes - in high summer!

So sorry to off-load but, you know, the thought of tiny creatures invading our bodies gets me going.

On the plus side, the light is lovely, as you say. Those handles are so beautiful!

Leslie J. Moran

Don't forget to turn your mattress :)


Ah, I was right there with you up until you mentioned the 'spider in ear thing'.....yeech! Ha ha!

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