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julie macneil

beautiful, just beautiful! i pray she lives long enough to see those first snow flakes!

Violet Cadburry

We never know when the first snow of the season will be the last we see. Here's hoping she got an eyeful:)


Carol, I am so blessed that you see the beautiful lessons your patients have to teach and that you share them. Thank you.

Leslie J. Moran

That's pretty amazing. I bet she will get to see those flakes after all. I'll think of her when I see them myself. Thank you for the insight.


Wow. That was a beautiful post and a stunning photograph to go with.


I have to agree with Caroline, you are indeed blessed. I think a lot of us tend to overlook the lessons found in death, as they are too painful. So, thank you for sharing them with us in such a gentle way. I hope your patients know how lucky they are to find you at the end of their journeys.

Joan Clarke

Oh my...a wonderful lesson for sure. It's the cycle of life/death/rebirth that visit us on this lovely blue planet each and every year. They're so familiar that we tend to overlook what a precious gift they are...especially when you might not get to see another season make it's entrance. I hope she gets to see the first snow flakes and many more after that.


jacki long

Terrific Carol! I read your post yesterday and have thought of it often since. Thanks so much for sharing your profound vision.

jan b.

such a beautiful post. Thank You.


I'll think of her when snow comes, that unknown (to me) lady with her face turned towards her picture window, bless her.


How often we curse the snow when it arrives (or is that just me?), never thinking it might be a treat for someone else. God bless Miss Helen, I too hope she will have a chance to see those first snowflakes.

Judy H.


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