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Amy in Texas

Sounds like a great way to spend the day. And truly hope no one ends up in Oz.

Carol Gossett

The mums, the mums! Beautiful!

Joan Clarke

EEK...Tornados, not thanks. I lived in MI where we had those awful storm warnings. I'd have to herd the kids into the NW corner of the basement where they were bored to death, it was not a fun place to spend any time for any of us.
Don't miss that one bit.

Your severe weather preparations are good...can you eat mums? I'll stick with Chris...I'm a die hard foodie.

Diana Giffin

Your day sounds much like ours was here in Oklahoma, with the severe thunderstorms, tornado watches and waves of wind and rain much of the day. Your mums are gorgeous!

Kathy Pennekamp

I just LOVE reading your blog it makes me smile. Hope you don't blow away. I really need your daily enthusiasm. Have a great Sunday. Enjoy OZ. I've heard it is beautiful this time of year. Maybe you can pick up the right color of mum.

Jan McCann

That sandwich! Mmmm!


Most excellent plan!

jan b.

What a coincidence ... !? This morning I was perusing a grocery store booklet that came in yesterday's mail. When I noticed a recipe for Curried Butternut Squash Soup, I eyed the Acorn Squash sitting on my counter ... thinking .... hmmmmm. I'll email you the recipe.


Without tornado warnings big rain is good for feeling cozy and doing cozy, homey things. With the warnings it is just nerve wracking. Our rain has been slow and gentle lately - the best east kind. Leaves are beginning to turn winter begins its approach. I wonder if we will have snow this year (SE Tennessee).

Barbara Tarbox

Made a suggestion to sister Mary Ann about a movie I think you're both love.
A Summer's Lease about a British family that rent a villa in Tuscany for the summer. wonderful little mystery attached, plus gorgeous scenery and art AND suberb
Acting. Will you be joining Mary Ann for any of the trip? Have you been to Italy?I have some wonderful memories and stories that I treasure.mGo if you can, Barbara


While you hunkered down with your pumpkin oatmeal, we hunkered down in the concourse level of Memorial Stadium in our rain soaked Dollar General ponchos hoping the Jayhawks could pull out a much needed win. We cheered them on to no avail, but an exciting comeback indeed!

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