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Joan Clarke

That's a mighty scary looking sunset and silhouette of that Raven...No Tricks or Treaters here...all the candy will be eaten by the occupants of this house.


Apparently my teachers have forgotten the thrill of All Hallow's Eve, because I had homework up the wazoo... or maybe this is their prank on me... frightening amounts of studying. Too bad too, I had a great costume all planned out.


Can you believe this? We got in a stock of mini sweeties (maltesers, kinder bars and mars0 and no one knocked at our door!

Not such a big surprise since there are practically no children in our village of 200 people (lots of potters and some retired couples). There's a small American/French lad and three tiny girls who wouldn't be going out after dark.

Oh well - we'll just have to knuckle down and eat them ourselves.

That is a gorgeous crow you have there.

julie macneil

love the photo!

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