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Judy H.

Oh my. Did not know this existed. Thanks for sharing.

Joan Clarke

That is a great tribute to those lost to this damned disease and to those who survived it. I would have been the same...reduced to tears and very moved.


Sitting in my office...tears welled up in my eyes. Have not seen this kind of a tribute before. Very moving. Thanks for taking pictures and sharing.

Vicki in Michigan

Powerful, indeed. Tears here, also............


Oh, I have no words powerful message

Leslie J. Moran

Not a dry eye in the house apparently. We must do something to get this disease!

Erika N

Just reading the bras in these photos choked me up. I can't image what it is like to see them in person. Thanks for sharing this...my sister-in-law is fighting a tough battle right now with breast cancer so this really touches home.

Peggy Fry

so very moving! I miss my mom, who didn't even have breasts any more after her first round of cancer. She died of it anyway in 1997.

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