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Carol Gossett

Are those fresh scratches on poor Lewis' nose? Naughty cat boys.
But I've gotta say-your mums are looking spectacular!

Barbara Tarbox

Poor sweet kitty cat... If you need refill on your medicine call me at home, eh
The pharmacy.

Janet Ghio

LOL--I love your medicine--just what I would choose. I always enjoy reading your posts so much!!

Leslie J. Moran

Yikes! That scratch looks like is just barely missed his eye! It's very distressing when cats fight. Of course you needed sedation. 'Tis the season :)

Joan Clarke

Oh my! Lewis looks pissed off. Bigtime. Better watch out for his "neighbor". The dose of medicine could be doubled if necessary to decrease risk of tachycardia and bouts of anxiety.

jeanette, mistress of longears

I don't even own a cat but the two daily visitors at Longears do NOT get along! I am always running in the direction of the plaintive cries after the yowling and spitting stop, expecting to find the worst. Fortunately, so far, Tiger Boy is always crying "enough" to Mr. Black. Bad boys! I need a double dose!!


I, too, have to keep a stash of Hershey"s milk chocolate nuggets with almonds on hand, because even though, despite the many threats of neighbors, I put out several (four) bowls of food at the very edge of the porperty line so my feline friends don't have to have any contact with one another... doesn't work because:
A. It is just in their nature to rumble, or
B. It is just in their nature to see me in my pajamas at three in the morning with my Einstein hair...
either way, as much as I love them these cats over here are diabolical.


Sorry about the poorly worded comment, my nerves are shot just thinking about it.

Good thing I can't drive yet, because The only thing better than chocolate to calm my nerves is a large cookie dough with caramel shake...

land sakes! I am going to be so chubby when I get my license...


Be glad his scratches are on his nose! Or so I was told by a vet many moons ago (like over 40 years!). That vet insisted that scratches on the front end of the cat were better than on the back end. That meant the cat was still strong enough to fight.

I am glad my girl cat is inside all the time after seeing the nose of Lewis. But he probably WON the scuffle.

Jane Bumar

Oh dear...I remember our cat (whom we had when I was a young thing myself) would occasionally go out and get into 'scuffles' - never really seemed the worse for wear in the end, but I guess the cat world is not as tranquil as we'd like it to be. Hope he's feeling better soon!

Caroline Berk

Lewis is such an expressive cat. I think that Harvey #1 should be prepared to stay home for a while. Lewis looks very vigilant. Glad that you had the appropriate meds on hand.

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