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julie macneil

i vote for kit kat, just saying!


Twice here. I have been tasting and can vouch for them. But what do they think is fun about a two bites and it's gone candy bar? I think these should be called teasers instead of fun.

Debbie Metti

LOVE the photo of Lewis...I'm torn between the Twix & Kit Kat myself...but the Kit Kat has a better name!

Caroline Berk

AND, Twix is made here in Cleveland, TN. On some nights when you walk outside you can smell the chocolate. So nice. (unfortunately on some nights you can smell the paper mill up the road. Oh, well).

Joan Clarke

I thought you were going to say that Lewis is refereeing this event! He would be biased toward the KitKats, I'm sure.

We don't live in a subdivision, our house is in the county where there are no street lights, so over the years I could count the number of Trick or Treaters on both hands and feet. I buy the candy every year, but we're the ones who end up eating it.

Violet Cadburry

I personally make a Kit Kat sandwich -- put a Twix between two Kit Kats. Yummy.

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