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I love the specificity of Angie's "request". I like your way of looking at things.

Joan Clarke

But of course you have to sample the goods...it comes with the territory. These do look yummy...cheesecake/brownie combo...sounds like a fine mix to me. An early Happy Birdday to Angie.

jeanette, mistress of longears

They look super-yum! I recently tried a goat-cheese swirl brownie and, odd though it sounds, they are definitely on my repeat list.

Leslie J. Moran

Hmmmm....this could be a good addition to our Canadian Thanksgiving buffet! Hope you and Angie enjoyed your efforts. Bravo!


You're such a great daughter. My mom is 84, too, but yesterday I made frosted brownies for my Glandma who is 104! Her recipe (or as she says, receipt) Her birthday was actually Saturday, but she got pissed off at her retirement home for rationing the buttermilk and picked up and moved herself and her boyfriend to new digs. Saturday, rather than celebrating her birthday, I was arranging her Dent-a-picks in her new medicine cabinet.

Caroline Berk

Susan, I hope that you are like your Grandma when you are 104 and I hope that I am , too. What a woman!!


I'll take one, please!

Judy H.

Yum. Will try this. :)

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