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I'm about 3/4 of the way through "Wild" by Cheryl Strayed and I like it! Mostly because it makes me really glad that I'm not hiking the PCT by myself, but it's really good writing too. Make sure you have a lot of snacks on hand before you begin reading (or listening to) it.


I'm not personal friends with Jo but do know there is a new one out called phantom !

Jessica Porterfield

I read the Rowlings book. The characterizations were good but the book had far too much description in my opinion. It was interesting to read to see what she did after HP but that is not enough to recommend it.


Right now I'm working my way through Laura Childs Tea Shop Mysteries. Light and entertaining. I've put the Big Stone Gap novels on my to read list. I'm a fan of Jan Karon's Mitford series.


Just finished Winterof theWorld. Rushed right to the library and was second on the list. So now I am in for a long wait for #3. It was a long but easy, absorbing read. I will check out my second Jo Nesbö today. Thanks for the lead on Harry.


Kathy!!! thanks for setting me straight. Just went to the library site and requested The Phantom. Annie: Someone else just told me I should check out Wild. Caroline - glad to hear I am going to like Winter of the World and Jan I am putting the Tea Shop Mysteries on my back burner. You guys are GOOD!

Joan Clarke

I love the later books by Jo Nesbo. After reading Snowman I decided I would read all his books in order...big mistake. I started with Redbreast...can't get into it. I do want to read the other more current books. Love Harry Hole.

Several people in my online book clubs read the J.K. Rowling book. Mixed reviews. Several people had to make lists of the characters to keep them straight. I didn't read the HP series, so have nothing to compare this book with. Not that I want to, this is a book written for adults so I don't know why people are comparing and negatively reviewing that it's not HP!!!

I'm listening to audio book, Skeletons at the Feast by Chris Bojalian. Not one of my favorites. It takes me a while to get through an audio book since I only listen when I'm walking the treadmill for 40 mins. several days a week.

I just got a notice that the first of the Ken Follett Century series is waiting for me to pick it up at the library. My reading friends give rave reviews about this series. I couldn't read Pillars of the Earth and didn't even attempt the sequel, World Without End. I hope this new series doesn't fall by the wayside for me. I saw him on BookTV giving the background to writing this series. Very interesting guy. How he works, his research methods, etc. So I'll give this one a whirl.


Not only is there another book in the pipeline but Jo has grown his hair again.

You have lots to look forward to! Lucky you.

Corky Eden

Big Stone Gap is in Virginia, about 53 miles SW of Haysi, Va. - the tiny town I was born in. About 10 years ago I was in a bookstore rambling about and came upon Trigiani's first book, Big Stone Gap. Loved it. Don't know why I did not look for sequel's but I am very happy you have given me heads up. Also, thanks to you I am 3/4 finished with Tell the Wolves I'm Home. You are magic in your recommendations.


Redbreast was my one and only foray into Jo...didn't like it, couldn't get into it, thought he was a lousy writer. And I love thrillers. Maybe I should give him another try. Anyone here read Tana French? In The Woods? Faithful Place? Irish who-done-its...lovely writing. Tell the Wolves I'm home sounds like something I'd like...deep and satisfying. Must find it. Oh, I just finished The Drop and thought he's done better.

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