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Joan Clarke

Holy Birds, Batman! I wish I could see the underwings of these birds. They look big enough to be some kind of goose...did you happen to notice? I'd love to be able to ID them. If the tips of the underwings are black, they're snow geese. If not they could be Canada Geese (honkers) I can't make out any markings on the face/head. What a sight this must have been in person.

Janet Ghio

That second photo is amazing!!



Leslie J. Moran

I'm so glad you haven't been blown to Texas! Absolutely FABULOUS photos!

Chris Oliveira

Wow!!! Are you still in Kansas Dorothy??


Love the photos, just beautiful. Thanks for sharing. It's still in the 90's here. Your fall posts help a girl dream.

jeanette, mistress of longears

Super jackpot!

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