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Janet Ghio

My favorite thing about fall and winter is making soup. I love to make soup-last night made brocolli cheddar. Interesting ingredient in your tomato soup-bread--is that to thicken it?

Erika N

I don't know what I love more about this post-the idea of an immersion blender-which I have seen but haven't thought about its uses, the cool green pan you have or the soup itself. Makes us some more soup!


That moment when salads are over, just about, and soup's the thing for supper (we eat our main meal at midday) is one of the best. Clocks go back, it's dark out there.

Not an autumn thing, but one to keep in mind, is watercress soup. Super quick and easy to make. Dark and velvety with a little pool of cream to make patterns with - I like drawing a heart.

In our case, it would have to be whisky (as opposed to whiskey) in the tomato soup!


I love soup all year round, even though I live in the deep south. Here's my newest mostest favorite soup. Hubby likes it too!


Jane Bumar

I think I need an immersion blender. The fact that my culinary achievements don't go much further than some 'assembly cooking from component ingredients', and watching "Julie and Julia" nonwithstanding. Looks beautiful!


Not a soup maker but think I will try this and make it with vegetable broth rather than chicken as i do not eat meat. You make it look so yummy on this first really chilly day in Tennessee.

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