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Hi Carol....every day I read your blog..without fail and every day you post - how I love that. I just wanted to let you know I lurk, read and enjoy, but I REALLY wanted you to know that I appreciate your stories, your sense of humor and your daily updates! Thank you.

Joan Clarke

Ditto what Joanne above said. I really like the photos and the comments regarding them.

I was taking photos of the spectacular Ocotillo (Auk-o-TEE-o) cactus in full bloom in early summer in the yard of a near neighbor. The man of the house actually came out and asked what the heck I was doing...I assured him I was not a terrorist or home invasionist...just a wacky neighbor out taking photos of the neighborhood flowers. I'm not sure he was comforted.

The tree is wonderful...what kind is it? Beech? It certainly doesn't grow in my neck of the desert.


Ditto Joanne's comment from me also.

The trees in fall are beautiful from all angles, but I find that sometimes it's most striking under the canopy. =)

julie macneil

omg! i have been doing the same thing, but in my old yard! my favorite thing to say right now- is look up!!!!!

Michel Murphy

One of my favorite pass times is going is to go to a local park and photograph the fall foliage. I noticed the one with the phone lines and how they lead the eye to the sun peeking through the leaves. Nice composition. Gotta say you're brave, though-I'm kind of afraid to step into a stranger's yard.

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