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Judy H.

Will have to try it! Thanks for sharing. :)


Do you like curry? I have a great recipe for curried butternut squash soup! Oh gosh I might have to go defrost one of my containers of it now that I've even thought about it....


This looks like something I could actually make! I recognize each and every ingredient here and no fancy technique required, LOVE IT !…….But mmhhhmmm…the "Dutch oven"? can you help me with that one?


This sounds so yummy!! Must give it a try!!


Can you show the fried leek recipe, please? I bought a leek, got a butternut squash in my weekly CSA and I'm ready to make some soup!



I stop at the chicken stock and don't use the cream. I've also never made the cheese crouton, but it sounds delish. A grilled cheese on the side suits me fine. I made a quadruple batch of this last month and froze some for myself and some to have on hand for new mama friends who need a good meal:)

Joan Clarke

Looks beautiful in all those jars. Will you freeze it or just refrigerate it?

Carol: A dutch oven is a heavy pot with a lid. Some are round, some oval. LeCruiset is a brand name that makes an enameled cast iron pot in beautiful colors. Rachel Ray & Paula Deen also have their signature brands available at many retailers. You can always use a plain old cast iron pot with lid...like the ones your grandparents probably used for beans. That's what I have and use all the time. If you go that route, make sure you season the pot by rubbing lightly with veg. oil, putting in a 170F oven for an hour or two...this seals the pot and helps keep it from rusting. Good luck with the soup...you CAN DO it! Oh, yes, and never use detergent on your cast iron pot. Wipe out with water, dry and re-oil it.


Thank you Joan! I know the brand LeCruiset, I just had no idea that it was called a Dutch oven. I will give it a go over the weekend, you can tell by now that I am not the greatest cook, but I´ll die trying:-))


Thanks for adding the fried leak recipe.


Hey, I just made this very very same recipe! I didn't bring any over to my brother's house because I wanted to hog it all for myself. Truly yummmmy. Little tip with peeling the squash - put it in the microwave for a few minutes (5-8 minutes) before your try to cut it. I usually nuke it earlier in the day and let it cool. Orange is the very best color of food, decor and clothing for this time of year!

Maybe my brother will get some of the next batch.


I know I know, later then I said I would make it, but I had to let you know I JUST made it and it is very very good! Thanks for sharing :-)

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