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Leslie J. Moran

You are becoming way too influential in my life. I think I have one "Perfectly Pumpkin" left in my Keurig stash. AND a little whipped cream. Lovely way to start the weekend.


I just had breakfast with my kid. She had a farm friend deliver two beautiful "happy fall" pumpkins last week and had them artfully arranged on her buffet. This afternoon's plan of action was to cleave those puppies in half, scoop out the seeds for toasted seed garnish, bake the pumpkins, puree the pumpkins, and freeze the pumpkin puree in blobs. What(might you ask) do you do with a freezer full of pumpkin blobs? All year she adds them to stir fry, soups, stews and slaws. Now THAT is a pumpkin lover. Me? I just see pumpkin as a vehicle for whipped cream.


The only flavorings I have ever allowed in my coffee are chocolate and St Brendan's Irish Cream Liqueur.(I'm sure I spelled that wrong!!) BUT, you are seriously tempting me to try a pumpkin drink...seriously. Hope that Starbucks one isn't too too sweet!!

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