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Joan Clarke

Wow! I didn't know there was an Amish population in KS...where is Osage from Lawrence? I don't have my maps handy. I'm sitting in my recliner getting ready to cast on a pair of socks using Magic Loop method, two socks on one 40 inch long Addi Turbo circular needle.

Do you know this method and have you used it?


It looks so peaceful! I'll bet the driver is a least 70. You get that way when you pass 69 going a 100/mph for the past 60 years!

Love what you write. My life used to be between Mesa and Safford (165 Miles) if it didn't happen between those 2 areas I didn't know anything about it. Now that I am 71, if it doesn't happen between San Tan Valley and Phoenix (40 miles apart and going 45/mph) I don't know what's going on. That's on a good day, about once a week. Usually, it's between my room and the kitchen! I did get to Scottsdale this week to a shop The Frenzy Stamper. She was showing me a little practice book she called a small travel book. When I told her I don't travel much but she chided me and said I could get a lot of pictures between San Tan Valley and Scottsdale. So, I came home going 60/mph, all the way! I sure hope you girls have a great time on your trip.


Michelle M

Love this photo. thank you ... it is just what i need today!! xx Michelle

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