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jeanette, mistress of longears

Add to your list: the wall paint naming committee! sherman williams etc.


My father used to tell about the meetings they had to come up with the names for the colors of carpeting! Hilarious!

Joan Clarke

My husband used to have to come up with street names for the subdivisions they designed. OYE! That is a difficult thing to do...you have to be sure not to offend anyone (political correctness in street naming, ya know?)

I could come up with some doosies when it comes to naming nail polishes. Let us hear a few of yours.


Love the color and your sandals even more:) did you know I still have the Birkenstock clogs you gave me for Christmas in 1998?

Leslie j. Moran

Perfect choice for the season. Are you still wearing sandals in Kansas???? Flannelette sheets and sandals. Hmmmmm. Got my sheets on now ill have to get over for a pedi :)

jeanette, mistress of longears

Having finally made the pumpkin oatmeal day before yesterday, and having given it "provisional" approval because I loved it but there is enough for another fortnight at least, I admit to being quite remiss in the pumpkin latte division. Am I doomed to forever lag behind you in culinary pursuits? Well, so what? I enjoy following in your footsteps even if you did choose Romeo and Joliet over Vampsterdam. :-)


Must agree, OPI has names that are great fun!

Jane Bumar

I fancy "Vampsterdam" - I do!

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