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May I be the first to say THE BOY DONE GOOD with these brilliant pics? What a photo opportunity! The children are especially impressive. Great start to the winter.


This looks like a wonderful parade! Great photos.

Nancy from Fair Oaks, California

I think you live in a pretty cool place especially on the day this parade comes to town!

Joan Clarke

The days of the home grown variety parade are long gone from one of the last "wild, wild west (Nevada) states. The parades they put on in LV are poorly attended. All of the "old west" attitude is gone. Maybe it's different up north around Reno, Elko, but down here in the southern part, it's a long gone tradition.

Glad Chris had the camera, great pics.


Both my parents went to KU but i never have visited lawrence, despite many many many trips to Wamego where they grew up. So glad i found your blog ( through your fab seester) so i can feel like i have a little slice of a town they always raved about. Someday i will get there. (I'm last surviving family member so nobody to visit in Kansas anymore but have so many fond memories).


Thank you for the lovely pics...I love a parade!


Thank you for the pictures! I was part of the colors unit in the front, it was fantastic to participate in something of this magnitude!

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