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Sounds like so much fun! And crooked teeth are charming;-)


Love your sketch. And the photo of the glasses, pure wonderfulness.




I've enjoyed reading the posts all 3 of you have written about your fun weekend and seeing all the photos, thanks for sharing! That photo of MA's sunglasses is the coolest!!

Janet Ghio

Looks like you all had a great time-have read accounts on everyone's blogs--so much fun, art and laughter!! Good for the soul

Leslie J. Moran

What a treat to be able to view the retreat from each of your perspective. Inspiration overflowing!

Joan Clarke

So this retreat was just the 3 of you? Not a planned seminar type with a teacher?
Sounds like fun. Laughing until you cry is the best kind of laughter, isn't it? Those are the kind of memories that will produce laughter years later when you just recall that time.

Jane Bumar

Pure awesomeness, and sketchy abandon - love it!

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